HolyCoast: Flip-Flopper-in-Chief Attacks Romney...for Flip-Flopping

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flip-Flopper-in-Chief Attacks Romney...for Flip-Flopping

It's clear that Obama's team is worried about Mitt Romney.  They apparently see him as more of a threat in the election than I do.  This past weekend they sent David Axlerod out to the Sunday morning shows to blast Romney for being someone inconsistent in his positions over the years, a charge that's aimed more at the Republican primary voters than the general election voters, but Jim Geraghty responds that Obama is not someone who should be accusing anyone of flip-flopping:
Really? Governor Romney has to worry about being attacked for inconsistency by a president who attacked Hillary Clinton for supporting the individual mandate, who promised all of the health-care negotiations would be on C-SPAN, who said that anyone making less than $250,000 wouldn't see his taxes raised a dime, who now is a fan of recess appointments, who pledged to close Guantanamo Bay within one year, who pledged to renegotiate NAFTA, who pledged a net spending cut, who said he would press the Chinese on human rights, who said he wouldn't allow lobbyists to work in his White House, who pledged to avoid bringing "the same Washington players" into his administration, who promised to post every law on the White House website for five days before signing it, who pledged to end the income tax for seniors making less than $50,000, who pledged to end no-bid contracts above $25,000, who pledged to double federal funding for cancer research, and who pledged to double the size of the Peace Corps, to double funding for after-school programs, to increase the minimum wage to $9.50 per hour, to support a human mission to the moon by 2020, to establish a term limit for the director of national intelligence, to enact a windfall-profits tax, to create a cap-and-trade system, to recognize the Armenian Genocide, and to introduce a comprehensive immigration-reform plan in his first year. (One long list of expiration dates here, PolitiFact's list of Obama's broken promises can be found here.) 

To be fair, we know what the core principles of Barack Obama are: blaming corporate-jet owners and ATMS for job losses, shrugging his shoulders at scandals such as Solyndra and Fast and Furious, fundraisers, telling the American people they've gone soft, and golf.
Romney's shifting positions are certainly a concern for a lot of Republicans, but if you want to make conservatives move toward supporting Romney, there's no better way than for Obama and his minions to start criticizing him.

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