HolyCoast: Israel Makes a Bad Deal

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Israel Makes a Bad Deal

Trading terrorists for hostages is not a good deal:
Cheering crowds have greeted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit as he arrived back in his northern hometown of Mitzpe Hila after five years in captivity in Gaza.

Sgt Shalit was flown by helicopter from an airbase in central Israel after undergoing medical tests.

He was freed after Israel and the Islamist movement Hamas agreed a deal under which more than 1,000 Palestinians would also be released.

Many thousands thronged the streets of Gaza to greet the former prisoners.

Israel freed 477 Palestinians on Tuesday, including people convicted of murder and of planning suicide attacks.

Another 550 jailed Palestinians are to be freed next month under the deal.
While there are all kinds of joke possibilities about 1 Palestinian being worth 1/1000th of a Jew, all Israel has done is set up the next hostage taking. Knowing they can successfully retrieve their terrorist vermin from Israeli jails just by grabbing a soldier, Palestinians will be actively seeking another such opportunity.

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