HolyCoast: Gov. Christie Schedules a Presser for 1pm ET Today

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Gov. Christie Schedules a Presser for 1pm ET Today

This tweet from Fox News seems to suggest that Christie plans to run for president:
Gov. #Christie has scheduled a 1 p.m. ET conference where he's expected to unveil plans for a presidential campaign. Watch LIVE on Fox News
We'll see, but I'm not so sure he really wants to get into this whole mess.

 Granted, there's an opening for him. People looking for a strong leader but who isn't a doctrinaire conservative don't really have anyone in the race. A lot of conservatives are worried about Christie because some of his stands don't fall right in line with what they want, and I expect they'll be quite vocal if he runs.

And, of course, someone on the left will come up with something they'll claim will prove he's racist. That's par for the course now with any challenge to Obama.

And then there's his weight. If he decides to run, and especially if he starts looking strong in the polls, the media will be flooded with stories about how his weight, combined with the stresses of the job, are sure to kill him before he finishes his term. It's gonna happen.

However, I doubt if Christie will run mainly because he said so many times he wasn't ready for the job.  It would be hard to overcome that now.

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