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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Racist Rock That Nobody Can Find

When the Washington Post ran their Rick Perry hit piece alleging that a rock on a hunting lodge his family leased had an unfortunate word written on it, they didn't bother to run a single picture of the offending stone.  So naturally, the media has gone looking for it since nothing say "Rick Perry is a racist" more than a picture of a painted-over rock.

However, nobody can find the rock:
Millions of large rocks litter the hills and the country roads surrounding a hunting and fishing lodge on a sprawling ranch 17 miles outside this tiny West Texas town. But only one of them required a kind of protective custody on Monday.

The day after The Washington Post reported that Mr. Perry had once hunted at and taken guests to a hunting camp that had the name Niggerhead painted on a rock at the entrance, cars and trucks traveled the dusty road leading to the area on Monday afternoon. The vehicles belonged to reporters with various newspapers and television news outlets, but their visits were short-lived, and it remained unclear if the rock was even still there.

At a hunting lodge called Krooked River Ranch Outfitters, the main access point to the pasture where the rock is thought to be, the reporters were escorted from the property. “I’ve got the law on the phone right now,” said a man in the hunting lodge’s office. “This is private property you’re on right now.”

The property is owned by a Texas charity called the Hendrick Home for Children. Chuck Wilson, the manager, declined to comment about the word on the rock, whether it was ever there and, if so, when it was removed.

“I will tell you one thing,” Mr. Wilson said. “There’s nothing to see out there. I’ve been handling the property for 10 years, been all up and down it, and I ain’t never seen that rock.”
I'll guarantee you that if that rock ever existed it will never be seen again. Once that story broke I'll be a number of people made it their personal mission to make that rock disappear. I'll bet it's in little pieces at the bottom of some stream somewhere. It'll never be found, and if there's no picture, it's going to be hard to keep the story alive.

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Sam L. said...

Never be seen again? You silly, silly boy!

1--Find a rock, somewhere that might pass for being in Texas.

2--Paint that word on it.

3--Take photo.


I's surprised this hasn't yet been done.