HolyCoast: It's Not a Movement, It's a Temper Tantrum

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Not a Movement, It's a Temper Tantrum

Kevin Eder at Richochet lays out the underlying cause of the Occupy Wall Street nonsense:
While arguing with leftists this evening on Twitter about the 'occupy' movement, I had a realization: leftists don't actually care about 'money in politics' or 'corporate personhood' at all. If they did, they would be protesting loudly against Barack Obama, the largest recipient of corporate cash in history, and the guy who famously refused public financing for his 2008 campaign. No, the 'Occupy' movement, when stripped of all the clever rhetoric and sloganeering, is nothing more than a temper tantrum. A temper tantrum that's happening because everything these people believe about government, the welfare state, and what they've been told to expect out of life has come crashing down all around them. Normal Americans are coming to take their country back from the far left, and these people are losing their composure in the face of being stripped of their hold over our government.

I say it's about time!

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