HolyCoast: #OccupyWallStreet Paleface Campout

Thursday, October 27, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet Paleface Campout

For a group that claims to represent 99% of America, it's a pretty pasty looking crowd (from Daily Caller):
Occu-pale -- That blinding light you see from Occupy D.C. isn't from the accumulated brainpower. It's from the accumulated lack of melanin. TheDC's Mia Watkins reports: "The Occupy D.C. protesters crowding McPherson Square say they represent the '99 percent of Americans' who aren't the most wealthy. But their racial composition isn't a mirror of the 99 percent of Americans they claim to represent. A majority of the protesters in the nation's capital are white, a fact that both black and white activists have noted. Tate Jawdat, a white woman who has been 'occupying' the square for a little more than a week, said she doesn't see enough color in the crowd. 'The occupation is very white and the committees are largely run by white men,' she told The Daily Caller. 'Not a lot is going to change if the committees are run by white men.'" Or otherwise. But at least you get to go camping! Remember: The racial composition of any given group is an important issue only when that group opposes the left.
Remember how the media focused on bogus claims of racism coming from Tea Party rallies and the fact the rallies were predominantly white? Funny how those concerns have now disappeared with this bunch.

Of course, it may be that the #Occupy crowd doesn't even look as white as they actually are due to a lack of bathing.

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Larry said...

Another double-standard is illustrated by Occupy Richmond which has been squatting there free of charge, while the Tea Party had to pay $10,000 for permits for three rallys. The Tea Party is demanding a refund.