HolyCoast: Sarah Palin Makes It Official - She's Not Running

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sarah Palin Makes It Official - She's Not Running

I've been saying for months that Palin would not get in the race.  In fact, I begged her not to.  Her candidacy would have been very divisive for the GOP and probably would have made for a long drawn out primary battle, resulting in a Mitt Romney win as conservatives were split among other candidates.

Today she made it official.  I just heard the statement and interview with Mark Levin, and she's out.  She's also ruled out any third party possibilities given that it would pretty much ensure the re-election of Obama.

According to her statement her plans are to work to elect good conservatives in offices all over the country, and I think that's really where her strength is.  She draws big crowds and has a lot of influence with many conservative voters.

It was the right call on her part, and will for 2012 be good for the GOP.

Barring a sudden change of heart by Rudy Giuliani, the GOP field is set.  We're going to have to be able to live with one of the current candidates as our challenger to Obama.

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