HolyCoast: A Washington Times Editor Gets Her Gun

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A Washington Times Editor Gets Her Gun

Or at least Emily Miller is going to try and get a gun in a city which was slapped down by the Supreme Court and has really done nothing since to allow its citizens their 2nd Amendment rights:
I want a gun. I don't feel safe living in Washington, D.C. and want to protect myself. I’m starting today by going down to City Hall to find the gun permit office to tell them, “I want a gun.” This series will follow me as I navigate the city bureaucracy and outdated rules in order to legally buy a firearm.

My desire for a gun started when I had to face down over a dozen criminals on an empty cul de sac in Washington, D.C., armed only with a Blackberry.
Read the rest of it here. This should be an interesting series, and probably a long and frustrating experience for Ms. Miller.

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Nathaniel Balcom said...

I am of the opinion that at this point any qualified citizen that feels fear for their safety has the right to bear arms with the understanding that the bearing of arms carries with it a tremendous amount of responsibility and any violation of that responsibility will result in severe punishment. Then the courts need to ensure that this is true.