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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Battle of BlogCon

I mentioned here on Friday that the hippie scum from #OccupyDenver had decided to try and disrupt a meeting of conservative bloggers at a nearby hotel.  Their tactics were more than a little flawed, especially since they announced via Twitter what they were going to do.  Needless to say, the bloggers who slice, dice and puree' liberals for sport were ready for them.

Kurt Schlichter provided an after action report along with some things they learned about the #Occupy crowd.  Here's part of it:
These are not deep thinkers.

But the most important lesson is that the Occupiers are a joke; they are nothing but coddled, Potemkin protesters who collapse at the first sign of resistance.

These clowns have been treated with kid gloves by gutless (or even sympathetic) politicians from Zuccotti Park to the Port of Oakland. They’ve been allowed to live in filth, dominate public spaces and generally descend into a festering petri dish of social, criminal and epidemiological pathologies by cowardly mayors and other enablers unwilling to do the most basic job of any government leader and keep order.

The mainstream media adores them, viewing them as advancing their shared left-wing agenda while also recalling the activist Sixties of legend. And, of course, the media helpfully covers up the ever-growing roster of outrages perpetrated by these nimrods. No accountability there. Even the cops are required to treat these geniuses with professional respect.

It’s been all up-twinkles for them – until now.

Not to paint a couple of botched protests as the Battle of Stalingrad, but when these idiots rushed into the midst of the assembled conservative new media folks gathered at BlogCon 2011, it was about the first time anyone ever took these cretins on en masse.

They ran into an impenetrable wall of mockery, and they had no clue what to do. They folded like a house of stinky cards.
Read the whole thing. It's hilarious and right on the money about how to deal with the wacky left. There's no better tool in the conservative arsenal than mockery and derision. Don't treat them as serious people, treat them as nuts and loons and let them know that. They can't take it, especially after receiving fawning attention from the press and liberal politicians.

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