HolyCoast: Bill Clinton: Maybe We Should Change the Constitution So I Can Be President Again

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bill Clinton: Maybe We Should Change the Constitution So I Can Be President Again

Uh...no thanks (from Hot Air):
National Journal picks up on a truly odd moment from today’s Morning Joe in more ways than one. Joe Scarborough tells Bill Clinton that he will be inundated with e-mail and calls after the end of their segment asking why Bill Clinton can’t run for a third term in office, and then blames Republicans for “not wanting another FDR” after his fourth term ended in less than three months due to his death. “Shouldn’t Americans have that choice?” Scarborough asks Clinton, who seems pleased with the notion:

Where to start? First, the 25th Amendment codified what had been tradition in American presidential politics, starting with the first American President, George Washington, who turned down an opportunity to be a lifetime President (and probably dictator) by declining a run at a third term. Hailed as the American Cincinnatus, no American President ever arrogantly thought himself so great as to transcend Washington until FDR in 1940. When he passed away, the nation figured that it should protect against another arrogant politician by defining term limits for the most powerful office in the US — and given that it took two-thirds in both the House and Senate to pass the Amendment and then three-quarters of the states to ratify it, that sentiment was clearly shared by more than just the Republicans of that time. Or does Scarborough not understand the process of amending the Constitution?
Two terms is more than enough for anyone. By the sixth year or so the public has pretty much grown tired of the president and is ready to move on. New blood is a good thing, and that's why I wish we had similar term limits for Congress.

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