HolyCoast: Eric Holder: We Need to Ban Guns Because I Keep Giving Them to Mexican Druglords

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Eric Holder: We Need to Ban Guns Because I Keep Giving Them to Mexican Druglords

From Daily Caller:
Eric Holder says you shouldn't have guns because you keep giving them to Mexican drug cartels -- Well, not you personally. Your government. You see, when Holder was asked by Congress what he knew about Fast and Furious and when he knew it, his answer was, well, maybe kinda sorta not entirely true. So now he's going all in on the gun-grabbing. TheDC's Matthew Boyle reports: "An advance copy of Attorney General Eric Holder's Tuesday testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, obtained by The Daily Caller, shows that he will not preemptively address several significant issues raised during the ongoing Operation Fast and Furious scandal. Holder's prepared testimony does not discuss his May 3 testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, an appearance during which investigators say he either lied, intentionally misled Congress or exhibited outright incompetence when answering questions about when he first learned about the failed gun-walking program... Holder continues to claim Operation Fast and Furious was a 'local' program run out of Phoenix, Ariz., despite mounting evidence to the contrary... In his testimony, Holder also advocates for new gun-control laws that he says would have halted, or at least prevented, Operation Fast and Furious." So he's going to call for the same result as he would have if he hadn't screwed it all up. Remember: If the government is underhanded and incompetent, that means the government must exert more control over your life.
The whole purpose of this operation was to gin up support for additional gun control measures. It had nothing to do with tracking down Mexican druglords ro stopping gun smuggling.

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Larry said...

When Holder was nominated for AG, he was asked by a Congressman -assuming Congress passed a nationwide concealed carry law -whether he would try to use his authority as AG to prevent said law from being implemented. Holder looked puzzled and said he couldn't understand the question, so the Congressman asked again and Holder repeated his feigned confusion.

Eventually the Congressman's time ran out and the line of questioning ended without an answer. The question was very simple and straightforward -especially for someone who had spent his career parsing testimony and deciphering the law, yet he faked incomprehension and perjured himself without batting an eye.

People like Holder are dangerous because they will swear on the Bible to tell you the truth and then lie to your face –and he does so because the only thing he truly believes in is the accumulation of power.

He’s one of the many lying godless weasels in this administration.