HolyCoast: Dem Pollsters: Obama Should Abandon His Campaign In Favor of Hillary Clinton

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dem Pollsters: Obama Should Abandon His Campaign In Favor of Hillary Clinton

Since about January of '10 I've predicted that Hillary would get in the race the challenge Obama.  So far she's stayed out, but two Dem pollsters think it's time Obama got out of the way and let Hillary have the nomination:
President Obama should abandon his run for a second term and turn over the reins of the Democratic Party to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, two one-time Democratic pollsters wrote in Monday's Wall Street Journal, which appeared online Sunday.

Patrick H. Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen argued that just as Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson decided not to pursue additional runs though they could have, Obama should do the same.

“He should abandon his candidacy for re-election in favor of a clear alternative, one capable not only of saving the Democratic Party, but more important, of governing effectively and in a way that preserves the most important of the president's accomplishments. He should step aside for the one candidate who would become, by acclamation, the nominee of the Democratic Party: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,”Caddell and Schoen wrote.

Caddell, who worked as a pollster for President Jimmy Carter, and Schoen, who was a pollster for President Bill Clinton, argue that Obama will inevitably have to run a negative campaign in order to win reelection, the negative consequences of which will make it difficult for him to govern effectively.

“One year ago in these pages, we warned that if President Obama continued down his overly partisan road, the nation would be ‘guaranteed two years of political gridlock at a time when we can ill afford it.’ The result has been exactly as we predicted: stalemate in Washington, fights over the debt ceiling, an inability to tackle the debt and deficit, and paralysis exacerbating market turmoil and economic decline,” they write.

Caddell and Schoen say they write as “patriots and Democrats” who are concerned for their country, and they do not expect to play a direct role in any possible Clinton campaign.
I get the impression that Obama's ego would never let him admit that America might not want him to continue as president, and he certainly wouldn't want to back out in favor of Hillary and let everything think they should have gone with her in '08. I think he'll stay in until the bitter end, which hopefully will result in a Carter '80 type of drubbing.


Larry said...

Obama has almost always had a trick up his sleeve when running for election. This might be the last time he runs for elected office, so I have to assume he has some plan to guarantee his opponent will lose.

Maybe the OWS Army will try marching on the Republican Convention.

Also, even though the media's enthusiasm for Obama has waned, they'll still be there for him in 2012.

Sam L. said...

This is the coach who wants to fire his players, we the people. Can't fire the players, so that just leaves the coach...

Larry said...

“Would it not be easier for the government to dissolve the people and elect another?”
-Bertolt Brecht, after the East German uprising of 1953

“The easiest way to elect a new people is to import them.”
-After America by Mark Steyn

“[Edward] Said notes that ‘Europeans and Americans now confront large non-white immigrant populations in their midst,’ and these represent ‘newly empowered voices asking for their narratives to be heard.’ From this anti-colonial perspective, the nonwhites are the descendants of the colonized, and they are now returning to claim their rights and their lost territory. Not surprisingly, Obama will not settle for federal inaction; he wants to make sure that his administration is on the right side of this issue.”
-The Roots of Obama's Rage By Dinesh D'Souza