HolyCoast: Did Obama Send Michelle to the NASCAR Race For Political Purposes or Because He Wanted To See Her Humiliated?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Did Obama Send Michelle to the NASCAR Race For Political Purposes or Because He Wanted To See Her Humiliated?

There were two stories coming out of the NASCAR finale at Homestead, FL yesterday.  The most interesting for fans was the incredible race between Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards, both for the race win and the championship, that went right down to the very last lap.  Couldn't have asked for a better finish to the season.

The other story occurred before the race began when Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were introduced to give the "Gentlemen Start Your Engines!" command and were greeted by fans who apparently won't be voting for their husbands next year.  The lefties, who never seemed to have problems with people heckling Sarah Palin or other conservatives, suddenly got the vapors when Michelle was booed and of course, immediately cried "RACISM!!".   Nonsense, but completely expected.

As soon as I heard this had happened my response on Twitter was this:
Apparently FLOTUS was booed at the #NASCAR race which means she got the campaign video she was hoping for.

Are people really surprised that patriotic #NASCAR fans would boo a woman whose goal it is to destroy all that's good about this country?
Surely nobody at the White House could claim surprise at the reaction Michelle got. I think there's a good chance they were hoping for just that reaction in order to anger their base and engender some sympathy for Michelle. It may work with the base, but I don't think anyone's going to feel sorry for Michelle.

Except maybe John Nolte who thinks there may be something else going on here:
Obama sending his wife to be humiliated at NASCAR might show suppressed anger & resentment towards her. Someone should look into this.

A man sending his wife to be humiliated is a red flag. Obviously there are cracks in Barack and Michaelle Antoinette's marriage.

Real men don't send their wives off to be humiliated at NASCAR events. Real men always and only protect their wives.

I've written before at how there seems to be no small amount of strain between the two. Heading off on their Martha's Vineyard vacation in two separate jets four hours apart. The general disdain Michelle seems to hold for the country as well as her husband.  I think Nolte may be on to something there.

I could easily see a conversation between the White House political office and Michelle that goes something like "we want you to take one for the team - go down to Florida and get booed by the Bible and gun-clinging rednecks so we can get some campaign video".

I can also see Obama issuing an order to his staff:  "Send Michelle to the NASCAR race.  She needs an attitude adjustment."


Larry said...

Are Andre Carson and John Lewis claiming the crowd was yelling the N-word yet?

Larry said...

Also, the Second Lady insisting that everyone address her has DOCTOR Biden. She received a Doctor of Education in educational leadership. I'm sure there are plenty of medical doctors who wince every time their title gets watered down by the english teacher.