HolyCoast: LA Unplugs the Toilet and Flushes #OccupyLA Away

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LA Unplugs the Toilet and Flushes #OccupyLA Away

First, what's wrong with this LA Times headline?
Occupy L.A.: More than 200 arrested in peaceful sweep
If 200 people had to be arrested, it was not peaceful. If this was peaceful, how would you describe hundreds of Tea Party rallies at which no one was arrested?  Is there a word for that the LA Times doesn't know?

As I was going to bed last night the cops were preparing to move on the encampment. Fortunately, they didn't back down this time:
Without resorting to large-scale violence, Los Angeles police successfully cleared out the Occupy L.A. camp at City Hall early Wednesday, managing to avoid fierce confrontations that marred sweeps in Oakland and New York.

Hundreds of police officers swarmed the large camp at City Hall’s south lawn shortly after midnight, encircling the demonstrators in less than 10 minutes. By quickly establishing a perimeter, police managed to take control of the scene in the first moments of engagement.

No tear gas was used in the shutdown of what was the nation's largest remaining Occupy camp. More than 200 people were arrested in the operation that involved 1,400 officers.

“They were like storm troopers. They encircled us,” said protester Cheryl Aichele, who was sitting in the middle of the south lawn in a circle with other protesters when police first entered the camp.

The protesters largely kept to their promise of confronting the police peacefully. While some taunted police verbally and a few rocks were thrown, most protesters either left on their own or nonviolently submitted to arrest, with many going limp and forcing the police to carry them out.
Hey LA Times, you might want to get a new dictionary. I don't think "peaceful" means what you think it means If your staff acted that way in an editorial meeting, would you call it "peaceful"?

The scenes I'm seeing on TV this morning are of a park that has been completely trashed. The grass has been dead for weeks, and they'll be carting off multiple truckloads of debris before they can even see the dirt again. The dispersed losers are now wandering around downtown claiming victory and saying they can "occupy" anything they want. Meanwhile, the city is installing a fence around the park which means nobody, even the good citizens of LA, will be able to use that area until it's been rehabilitated (and fumigated)>

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