HolyCoast: Major Wind Event for Southern California

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Major Wind Event for Southern California

From the OC Register:
Wednesday begins with partly cloudy skies and highs of 69 to 74 inland, 63 to 68 on the coast, with only light winds.

Then the winds kick up as night falls. At first the approaching low-pressure system should bring 15 to 25 mph winds with gusts to 35 mph from the east, moving to the northeast and gusting to 45 mph overnight.

On Thursday morning the gusts could rise to 60 mph in lowland areas. Bump that up as high as 80 mph below the canyons and passes of the Santa Ana Mountains.
This will be the strongest of the season so far. Although some of the previous events have caused strong winds near the canyon passes, we haven't had anything significant in my neck of Orange County. That may change this time.

 I've seen winds as high as 60+ at our house during a couple of really bad Santa Anas. One day I was looking out the upstairs window when the top half of a eucalyptus tree broke off, sailed through the air, and landed in the street. Just a few minutes before there had been kids out there, but things had gotten so crazy everyone had come in.

Let's just hope we don't end up with major fires.  The nuts out there may take this as a chance to start something.

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