HolyCoast: Putting the Fun in Funeral

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Putting the Fun in Funeral

Those 99%ers who hate capitalism so much will really hate this story:
HERE'S a strum of comfort as you climb that stairway to Heaven — a coffin featuring Jimmy Page's guitar.

The "flight case" casket is emblazoned with a Les Paul axe like the one played by Led Zeppelin rock god Jimmy.

Other designs available for those who shun a sombre traditional coffin include a phone box, a ballet shoe — and a crate of veg with the jokey slogan: "Rest in Peas."

All are the work of Guernsey company Creative Coffins, who also offer caskets shaped like a narrowboat, DJ turntables, a bottle of wine — and even one like a SKIP.

It's one way to put the, er, "fun" in funeral.
There are more pictures at the link. You just gotta love capitalism, because somebody out there will want to buy this stuff.

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