HolyCoast: Will Obama Go After Wall Street Now That a Former Dem Governor is In Trouble?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Will Obama Go After Wall Street Now That a Former Dem Governor is In Trouble?

I think Wall Street may suddenly get a lot less attention from the White House now that a prominent former Dem governor and Obama donation bundler is in big trouble.  From Daily Jolt:
The judgment of the voters of New Jersey just looks better and better

Jon Corzine, now the center of an FBI investigation into the handling of hundreds of millions of dollars invested in his securities firm, was one of the leading Wall Street fundraisers for President Obama's campaign and suggested to investors that he might take a top administration post if the president were re-elected.

His new legal troubles, sparked by the bankruptcy filing of his investment firm, MF Global, could complicate the president's efforts to raise money from the financial community given Corzine's central role in those efforts.

A recent list of top "bundlers" or elite fundraisers released by Obama's campaign listed Corzine in the highest category -- reporting that he had raised more than $500,000 for the campaign. A substantial chunk of those funds were collected at a $35,800 per ticket fundraiser that Corzine hosted at his wife's spacious Fifth Avenue apartment last April -- an event that was touted at the time as part of a concerted effort by the president's campaign team to reach out to well-heeled Wall Street donors who had been alienated by some of his policies and previous public comments.

 The Ace of Spades scoffs at the title "volunteer fundraiser":

Oh, is that all he is? Just one of your volunteer fundraisers. Cute little note: Corzine's company issued bonds that promised a 1% extra bounty if Cozine were called to DC by Obama to take a top administrative job (Treasury, it is assumed). . . .

I think it's a good time to ask Obama and Nancy Pelosi again if some Wall Street guys, like, specifically, Jon Corzine, should just be carted off to jail.
I guess Chris Christie won't have to worry too much about an election challenge from former Gov. Corzine.

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Larry said...

Some news snippets:

“$600 million in CLIENT money is still missing.”

“A campaign official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Obama's campaign would return the donations from Corzine AS AN INDIVIDUAL if civil or criminal charges are brought against him.”

“Corzine has hired CRIMINAL defense lawyer Andrew Levander.”