HolyCoast: California's New Gay History Law

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

California's New Gay History Law

Here's something California public school parents can look forward to:
California also becomes the first state to mandate the teaching of gay history. A new law requires schools to include in the public-school curriculum the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, along with disabled persons and others. The statute, which has no age limit, also bans instructional material that discriminates against those groups.
You won't be able to by NyQuil without a prescription in California anymore, but your kid's kindergarten teacher can teach your 6 year-old about "gay" history.  Boy am I glad my kids are out of public school (or perhaps we should start calling it "pubic school".

Okay, folks, there's no such thing as "gay" history, or "black" history, or "women's" history or any other special qualifier you want to name.

There's just history. Period.

If someone made a significant contribution to history they should be mentioned regardless of any other qualifiers and their importance in textbooks should relate to their actual importance in life. However, this requirement for specialized history means we end up elevating the status of certain people because of their attitude toward their crotch or the color of their skin rather than for their actual import in changing and affecting history. That's how you end up with more textbook pages devoted to the guy who invented peanut butter than to Abraham Lincoln.

It's stupid and the people who promote this nonsense are unworthy of government positions.

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