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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gun Control Story of the Day

This happened right here in town at the Mission Viejo Mall (from Mission Viejo Patch):
Security guards from the Shops at Mission Viejo near 27000 Crown Valley Parkway, asked police for assistance after a man was seen practicing his open carry rights at the mall's food court.

The citizen assist report was made around 12:13 p.m. Saturday. No arrests were reported.
Anyone who reads this blog knows I'm a huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment. If it was up to me California would have a "shall issue" concealed carry law like many, many other states and our crime rate would be much lower. In fact, I saw just today a statistic that showed the murder rate among concealed carry permit holders is less than half that of the general population. More guns = less crime.

However, I disagree with the idea of openly carrying an empty gun. This protest has to do with a new law that goes into effect January 1 that will ban such open carry, but whether against the law or not, it's just plain stupid. All you're doing is inviting trouble or making yourself a target. If something bad were to happen and someone saw you carrying that gun they'd assume it was loaded and would either decide to take you out because you're a threat to a bad guy, or expect you to help because you're armed. Either way, you lose.

I'm all for concealed carry of loaded weapons by people who have passed the qualifications to have them. I'm against carrying around an unloaded gun in the open, a gun which is about as useful as a brick but more dangerous because it creates an incorrect impression.

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