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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Get Ready For the New Normal

Have you looked at gas prices lately?  What do you think when you see those numbers?  If you're like me, you're pretty happy to see prices where they are right now compared to where they were a few months ago - maybe $.75 or more higher.  Did you know that gas prices are at an all-time Christmas high?  I remember Christmas of 2001 when I paid $.95 a gallon in La Habra - not that much more than I paid during the gas crunch in 1979.

But stop and think a minute about what it was like a few years ago.  Remember when gas hit $2 a gallon and we were all outraged?  Now if someone offered gas for $2 a gallon we'd line up to kiss him right on the lips.  Why the change in attitude?  Because $3+ gas became the new normal.

When I sold the tour bus I owned in 2005 diesel was $1.80.  Today it's over $4 in California.  That's become the new normal for diesel.  Scary.

The media is now at work, in conjunction with the Labor Department and Obama lackeys, to create a new normal when it comes to unemployment.  When in history has unemployment over 8.5% ever been acceptable?  Never, except during the worst days of the Depression.

However, by the time the election comes around we will have all been indoctrinated into believing that the 8% or so rates we'll see at that time are not only good, they're GREAT!  Never mind that unemployment was down below 5% when Bush was president...and at the same time Nancy Pelosi was calling his economic policies a disaster.  No, we're going to be told to believe that killing jobs and driving people out of the work force is the new normal.

Don't fall for it.

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