HolyCoast: Reagan Would Be Appalled at the Cat Fight Going On in the GOP

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reagan Would Be Appalled at the Cat Fight Going On in the GOP

Michael Reagan comments on how his dad would look at today's GOP:
They say they are all Reaganites and that they want my father to return -- my father, who lived by his so-called 11th Commandment that no Republican should speak ill of another Republican.

What makes them think he would want to return to any party whose members use hatchets on their fellow Republicans? And do it in public? Ronald Reagan didn't pick up his toys and go home like a spoiled brat when things didn't go his way, even after a hard-fought loss in 1976. He supported the winning candidate as he would support today's nominee, no matter who might be chosen.

He understood that Republicans can always win when they are united. They have a message the voters understand and support. We can beat Barack Hussein Obama and his socialist message if we are unified, but if we are divided and broadcasting a confusing message -- which is what Obama craves -- it will help him win another four years in the White House.

He'll get it, and America will suffer if Republicans spend their time attacking each other. Republicans must understand that the American people are tired of all the intraparty bickering. They want a party that offers solutions, not cat fights.
There's more at the link. The GOP candidates have shown a selfish interest in their own success, giving the Dems the talking points they need to defeat the eventual nominee. This has got to stop.

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Larry said...

The Republican party is full of too many people who are willing to tear it down to get what THEY want, and more often than not it's the RINO's doing it.

Look at Dede Scozzafava who didn't win a primary, but was chosen by some men in the proverbial smoke-filled room. She dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democrat candidate, rather than conservative Doug Hoffman who most Republicans in her district wanted in the first place -but never even got the chance to nominate.

Look at Republican Senator John Warner who endorsed Marshall Coleman to run third-party spoiler against duly nominated Republican Oliver North for the Senate. One establishment Republican made the decision to nullify the votes of thousands within his own party with no repercussions.

Look at Lisa Murkowski who sand-bagged the party's duly nominated candidate -who beat her fair and square in the primary. The Republican party didn't skip a beat in letting her back in the party, as she had an "R" behind her name right away.

By contrast, Joe Lieberman did the same thing to the Democrats and they never let him back in the party -though they did allow him to caucus with them so they could maintain a slim majority in the Senate. The media painted a tactical maneuver as high-graciousness, but if his seat hadn't been the difference between 50/50 and 51/49 they would've done everything in their power to make an example out of him -and they said as much.

If you want to solidify the Republican party, you have to get rid of the RINOs who don't view elections as taking the country up or down, but as their way or the highway.