HolyCoast: Big Endorsement Day for Rick Perry

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Big Endorsement Day for Rick Perry

In case you missed it yesterday, Rick Perry scored endorsements from several prominent conservative websites:
Conservatives are looking at the field as I am and are seeing Newt Gingrich, a ticking time bomb, Mitt Romney, the guy who invented Obamacare and supports both the individual mandate and man-made global warming, Ron Paul whose just plain nuts and completely unelectable. Bachmann and Santorum are conservative but equally unelectable. Huntsman is...???

Rick Perry is the only one with a strong history of executive leadership and assuming he can put together a strong campaign, would be a welcome relief from the rest of the field. Obama would love to run against anybody in the field but Perry, and if you combine Perry with a strong VP candidate like Marco Rubio or even Condi Rice, Obama has a real fight on his hands.

I hate to go all Star Wars on you, but...Help us Rick Perry, you're our only hope!

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