HolyCoast: 43% Think God Helps Tebow Win

Friday, January 13, 2012

43% Think God Helps Tebow Win

Count me as a dissenter:
Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is not the only one who thinks God helps him on the football field.

According to a national telephone survey conducted by Poll Position, 43 percent of people believe that “divine intervention” is responsible for his success compared to 42 percent of people surveyed who think that God has nothing to do with Tebow winning.
I don't think God really cares who wins, but I have no doubt that God provides a balance in Tebow's life that helps him do better at everything he does.  If God was backing him the way some people think, why the poor performances two weeks in a row?  Did Tebow have an impure thought and God punished him for it?  That's the direction this kind of logic has to take you, and that's why I don't buy the argument that his success is divine intervention.

If it is divine intervention, God will have his hands full this week when Denver goes against New England again.  The last meeting was all Tom Brady and Denver was handily beaten 41-23.  It may take a pillar of fire to turn this game around.

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