HolyCoast: Seabees Help Rescue Crash Victims

Friday, January 13, 2012

Seabees Help Rescue Crash Victims

I saw video of this crash scene on the TV news and it's amazing these people got out:
A San Juan Capistrano family was rescued Thursday afternoon from a car that was unsteadily dangling over a freeway overpass south of Buellton.

Firefighters removed a 10-year-old girl, a 10-week-old baby girl and a 36-year-old woman from a BMW that was hanging over the edge while lodged in the bridge railing on the northbound 101 frreeway, said authorities with the California Highway Patrol and the Santa Barbara County Fire Department....

The two-vehicle crash occurred at about 2:40 p.m. when the big-rig driver struck the BMW from behind on the northbound 101 near Santa Rosa Road and forced the BMW into the bridge railing, the CHP said.

Meanwhile, the big-rig went through the bridge railing and into the creek bed below and burst into flames, the CHP added.

Firefighters extinguished the fire and treated the patients, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

The santamariatimes.com described the collision as a violent one that blew out chunks of concrete guardrail on both sides of the bridge. The crash shut down both directions of the 101.

According to the news site, the rescue effort was aided by a group of Navy Seabees who were stuck in southbound traffic near the crash. They used a forklift they were transporting to stop the BMW from sliding off the bridge
Nice work by all the rescuers.

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