HolyCoast: Did Obama Pick a Fight With Gov. Brewer to Pander to Hispanics?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Did Obama Pick a Fight With Gov. Brewer to Pander to Hispanics?

Could be:
Democrats see the chance that President Obama’s heated exchange with Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona on the airport tarmac in Phoenix could help him with the Hispanic voters he came West to court this week.

The run-in, captured in a photograph of the governor wagging a finger at the president as they discussed her book, “Scorpions for Breakfast,” lit up Hispanic radio stations and blogs all over the state. While it is difficult to judge whether the moment will have any lasting impact, Hispanic leaders said that what is being dubbed by some as the “dustup in the desert” could play in the president’s favor given the unfavorable view many Hispanics have of the governor for her advocacy of tough immigration measures.

“For that incident alone,” Robert Meza, a Democratic state senator from Phoenix, said Thursday, “85 percent more Latin people will gravitate toward the president.”
What nonsense. 85% of Latin people don't even know this happened or why.

I don't think this was a set-up. I just think Obama is a petulant, thin-skinned man-child who can't believe that after years of fawning praise from everyone around him suddenly finds himself the target of much criticism and he can't handle it. It's that simple.

Oh, and the Governor will pocket a little extra change because of Obama:
Whether or not yesterday’s confrontation with President Barack Obama was a stunt, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s book sales are benefiting.

According to Amazon.com’s list of movers and shakers, Brewer’s book, Scorpions for Breakfast, enjoyed a sales increase of 2,224,700 percent since she and the president butted heads on a Mesa runway.
Prior to the meeting, Brewer’s book was languishing in the annals of the millions of books sold by Amazon. It was sitting at 311,472 overall on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning, the book had moved to number 14.


Larry said...

If Brewer is so unpopular with those Hispanics who are legally registered to vote, then how did she get re-elected in 2010?

It makes you wonder if the numbers regarding Hispanic voters who can legally vote, and their attitudes regarding illegal immigration, are fudged.

Sam L. said...

This worked for gun sales, too.