HolyCoast: Israel Getting Closer to Calling Iran's Bluff

Friday, January 27, 2012

Israel Getting Closer to Calling Iran's Bluff

And they're apparently more convinced than ever that bluffing is all Iran's got:
Israeli intelligence estimates, backed by academic studies, have cast doubt on the widespread assumption that a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would set off a catastrophic set of events like a regional conflagration, widespread acts of terrorism and sky-high oil prices.

The estimates, which have been largely adopted by the country’s most senior officials, conclude that the threat of Iranian retaliation is partly bluff. They are playing an important role in Israel’s calculation of whether ultimately to strike Iran, or to try to persuade the United States to do so, even as Tehran faces tough new economic sanctions from the West.

“A war is no picnic,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel Radio in November. But if Israel feels itself forced into action, the retaliation would be bearable, he said. “There will not be 100,000 dead or 10,000 dead or 1,000 dead. The state of Israel will not be destroyed.”
I think they're right, but it takes some guts to make that call and order a raid.

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Larry said...

What does saying "You're bluffing" to the player across the table mean? When James Bond knows Le Chiffre is bluffing he doesn't say it to everyone in the room, he dramatically plays his hand and -oops, he wasn't bluffing afterall.

Saying "You're bluffing" means you're probably looking for a response.