HolyCoast: Is Mr. Electable Really Electable?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is Mr. Electable Really Electable?

I'm not so sure. Everybody tells us Mitt Romney is the most electable candidate, but things keep coming out that may tend to move voters away from him:
Divulge-Mitt -- See, like "divulgement," except with the word "Mitt" in it. Because of this story. TheDC's David Martosko reports:

"If you think you've already heard everything there is to know about Mitt Romney, think again. A 200-page document that appears to be Sen. John McCain's entire 2008 election-year opposition research file on the former Massachusetts governor hit the Internet with a vengeance Tuesday evening. And it's an eye-opener. The file explores everything from the assessed value of Romney's house ('$3.162 million') to his views on the Boy Scouts' ban of homosexuals ('publicly opposed … in 1994 and 2002 campaigns'). It was made public Tuesday on the social media website Buzzfeed, although it appears to have been accessible online for two months... The extensive research on Romney's business history includes many snippets and quotations from news stories that are no longer available online or have disappeared behind newspaper paywalls, making the file a likely gold mine for Romney's political rivals this year... In the section covering Romney's political liabilities, the document's authors note his praise for Hillary Clinton during a 1998 event where he declared, 'Hillary Clinton is very much right, it does take a village.' They also explore his support for former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson, who returned the favor by running an ad in which he said, 'Take it from this liberal Democrat. If you want an amazing leader, vote for Mitt Romney...' In another, the document's authors claim, Romney had this pearl of wisdom: 'I thought becoming rich and famous would make me happy. Boy, was I right.'"

Uh-oh! Everybody knows you're not allowed to luxuriate in your wealth and power unless you're Michelle Obama. Well, let's see what ol' Mitt has to say about all this. Probably something bland yet vaguely unsettling.
Regarding that last item, I've never understood why someone with Mitt Romney's money would ever want to run for elective office. If I had that money, even with my interest in politics, you'd never see me again. I'd spend my life traveling and doing pretty much whatever I wanted while maintaining the blessed anonymity that someone like Romney will never be able to enjoy. The fame part of being rich and famous is not all its cracked up to be.

I get to experience a modicum of fame in very small doses, but I can see how the kind of fame experienced by major stars or famous politicians could become very stifling and tend to restrict your world down to a very small safe space. I can't believe that would be a fun way to live, especially since there are those whose disturbed minds can make them think all kinds of crazy things about you and can become an actual threat.

I'll tell you what, just send me the money and you can have the fame.

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