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Friday, January 13, 2012

Media Bias Story of the Day

Yesterday the liberal news networks were all abuzz with the news that Mitt Romney's old firm had consulted with Obama on the auto bailout.  Today...not so much (from CNBC):
A previous story incorrectly reported that Mitt Romney's former firm, Bain & Co., was part of a team of consulting companies that advised President Barack Obama on a decision to shutter car dealerships during the auto bailout.

Bain & Co. said it has no connection to the "Bain Consulting" firm referenced in government documents.
Romney hasn't worked for Bain for over 20 years, but everything Bain has done since then will be blamed on him, even if it's the wrong Bain.  This is the Democrat playbook at work as they coordinate their stories with the liberal media.

As we all know, if an accusation is made against the Democrat the media will research it, demand verification of every fact, and then still try to kill it.  If an accusation is made against a Republican the media will run it immediately, without verification, and should it be proven false the correction will be conveniently hidden away where no one is likely to see it.

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Larry said...

When the media stumbles across dirt on Democrats (while looking for dirt on Republicans), they take the time to check and double-check their sources -even if that means delaying the story until right after the next election.