HolyCoast: What's Scarier Than a First Term Obama? A Lame Duck Obama

Friday, January 13, 2012

What's Scarier Than a First Term Obama? A Lame Duck Obama

David Limbaugh opines:
What he might do in a second term is frightening to those who believe in freedom and equality of opportunity, that our current pattern of discretionary and entitlement spending is not just unsustainable but also guaranteed to destroy the country, and that we cannot preserve our freedom if we persist on a course of unilateral disarmament.

Just consider how brazenly Obama has pursued his unpopular agenda even while facing re-election. Think how he joked about having made a hollow promise of shovel-ready jobs when there is no such thing and how he is unchastened by the colossal waste of Solyndra and pursuing more of the same. Consider how he cavalierly refuses to account for his promise to keep unemployment capped at 8 percent and how he assured us, on his honor, that his designated stimulus cop, Vice President Joe Biden, wouldn’t allow a dollar of waste to go unpunished in his stimulus plan. Chew on his refusal to listen to the public when it resoundingly rejected Obamacare, rebuffing his agenda in the U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts and again in the 2010 congressional elections. Ponder his petty partisanship, bullying, demonizing and class warfare and his frequent invocation of the race card. Can you conceive of how he’d act as a four-year lame duck?
Obama, unfettered by another election, would be a terror on our economy and our standing in the world. He would also be a terror for Democrats because if you think 2010 was a bloodbath for Dems, wait until 2014 comes around after two years of a lame-duck Obama. There might not be any Dems left in Congress...except for those whose seats have been guaranteed by the Voting Rights Act.

We can't take the risk of Obama for another four years.

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