HolyCoast: Michelle Obama Does Her Part for the Economy

Monday, January 30, 2012

Michelle Obama Does Her Part for the Economy

She's just like the rest of us...
Michelle Obama reportedly shelled out $50,000 on “the sexiest lingerie in the world” at Agent Provocateur, according to The Telegraph.

The first lady’s visit to the Madison Avenue store helped increase the lingerie brand’s sales by 12 percent.

After several British news outlets reported on the shopping spree, a White House official denied the story, according to Politico.

Agent Provocateur CEO Gary Hogarth couldn’t comment on the luxury store’s client list, but he did say that there had been some high-profile clients.

The French company is known as much for its erotic lingerie as it is for its high prices.
There are certain images of the First Lady you just don't want invading your mind.

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Sam L. said...

Images? You dirty rat! You deliberately put them in my mind!