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Monday, January 30, 2012

Political Graphic of the Day

ElectionProjection.com is back up and running and has provided its first look at an Obama vs. Romney race.  It's very close, but the edge at this point is to Obama.  The first numbers give Obama a 272-266 Electoral Vote win (it takes 270 to win).  Interestingly, the project gives Romney a slight edge in the popular vote, sort of a repeat of 2000.  I wonder if those states that think the popular vote winner should get their electoral votes would agree to give their votes to Romney instead of Obama if he won the popular vote? Not likely.
The site is also looking at the House and Senate. Based on current polls they give the GOP a 50-49-1 lead in the Senate, and a 242-193 lead in the House, if the elections were today. There's still lots of work to do to guarantee or improve those numbers.

This is a site I'll be checking regularly throughout the campaign year as its updated for new polls.  It was a good resource in 2008.

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