HolyCoast: Newt Wins Decisively in South Carolina

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt Wins Decisively in South Carolina

You can thank the not-Romney vote, and anti-mainstream media vote, and the anti-bitter ex-wife vote:
Gingrich locked up a decisive victory in the state. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Gingrich pulled in 41 percent of the vote, to Romney's 27 percent. Rick Santorum finished in third with 17 percent, followed by Ron Paul with 13 percent. Herman Cain, who dropped out before the first contest, garnered 1 percent.
They're off to Florida next, and I found this headline interesting:
FLASH: Jeb Bush will 'stay neutral'...
I thought I had heard a couple of weeks ago that Jeb was all set to endorse Romney. The fact that he's sitting this one out is telling. Jeb's still an influential guy in Florida (popular former 2-term governor) and his endorsement would carry some weight. I would have expected him to line up behind Romney as a good party guy, but by staying out he signals that Romney got some serious weakness.

Barring some major disaster Newt's going into Florida with a wind at his back, and that could grow into a hurricane as the not-Romney forces are encouraged and emboldened by the South Carolina win.

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Bob Hughes said...

If Newt is the nominee, congratulations President Obama for four more years and your historic landslide victory.