HolyCoast: Oakland Has An Old Fashioned Hippie Butt-Whomping

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oakland Has An Old Fashioned Hippie Butt-Whomping

Good times were had by all but #OccupyOakland:
Oakland police made more than 300 arrests during a tense Occupy Oakland protest Saturday, with city officials expressing frustration and outrage at the tactics of some demonstrators.

City Administrator Deanna Santana said the city "will not be bullied by threats of violence or illegal activity. ... Breaking into buildings, assaulting police officers, provoking confrontations and vandalizing property are tactics that are counterproductive and divide our community. They drain scarce city resources away from the neighborhoods in greatest need. Oakland deserves better."

Other city officials said the protests prevented police from dealing with other emergencies.

"This particular faction of Occupy ... they're very violent, and I'm going to be asking for a lot more mutual aid," Mayor Jean Quan told the Oakland Tribune. "They are hurting the neighborhoods by continuing to do this on Saturday nights."
Mayor Quan babied these people for months, giving them everything they wanted and them some. She allowed them to block Oakland streets, shut down ports and harass local citizens. She's been a disaster for the city and is now suddenly a born again law-and-order mayor. If you want to fix the problem, first dump the liberal politicians and then let the cops do their job.

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