HolyCoast: Storm Chasers Canceled

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Storm Chasers Canceled

The news is about a week old but I just heard it this morning.  One of my favorite Discovery Channel shows, Storm Chasers, has been canceled.  That's a shame, though I noticed this past season seemed to have strayed from actual storm chasing into stories focused more on personalities, and I think that was a mistake.  People didn't tune in for a soap opera, they tuned in to see severe weather and tornadoes.

The people involved in the series will continue to storm chase since that's their job, and hopefully their footage will be available on TV or the internet in some fashion.  I enjoyed the five seasons it was on.  If Discovery doesn't want it, somebody else should pick it up.  It's good TV when it's done right.

It's still a goal of mine to go on a storm chasing trip some Spring and see these things for myself.  They're a little pricey, but I gotta believe it would be some kind of fun.

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