HolyCoast: Since Obama Likes Greek Columns Maybe He Can Do His Convention Speech Here

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Since Obama Likes Greek Columns Maybe He Can Do His Convention Speech Here

At the Acropolis:
Available for rent: The Acropolis.

In a move bound to leave many Greeks and scholars aghast, Greece's culture ministry said Tuesday it will open up some of the debt-stricken country's most-cherished archaeological sites to advertising firms and other ventures.

The ministry says the move is a common-sense way of helping "facilitate" access to the country's ancient Greek ruins, and money generated would fund the upkeep and monitoring of sites. The first site to be opened would be the Acropolis.

Archaeologists, however, have for decades slammed such an initiative as sacrilege.
The culture ministry said any renting of ancient Greek sites would be subject to strict conditions.

According to a ministerial briefing dating from the end of December, a commercial firm could rent the Acropolis for a professional photographic shoot for as little as 1,600 euros a day ($2,046). Demonstrators could also rent the ancient landmark.

Greece needs every euro it can get. The country's public coffers are drained and the nation is struggling to avoid a historic debt default in March.
Maybe you can rent the Parthenon for your class reunion or Senior Prom. The opportunities are endless.

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Larry said...

Holding an Obama event in Greece would at the very least show Americans where his supporters want to take the country. The Colosseum? That's Lambeau Field in a few years if Governor Walker gets recalled.