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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seattle: Please Pass the Salt

Unlike the 2008 blizzard, maybe they'll salt the roads this time:
The snow into Thursday could end up being one of Seattle's biggest snowstorms on record.

The storm and its heavy snowfall have the potential to close passes in the Cascades, clog streets at sea level with tons of snow and slush and force flight delays and cancellations.

Near the coast, the snow will be heavy, wet and difficult to shovel. The combination of heavy, wet snow with gusty winds in some areas will down trees, taking power lines with them.

In the mountains, a yard or more of snow will fall in the high country. The combination of the excessive snow now and rising temperatures late in the week will increase the risk of avalanches.

The heaviest rate of snow will hit Seattle Wednesday, when the snow could come down at an inch-per-hour pace for a time.
You may remember that in 2008 Seattle refused to use the most effective ice removal tool - salt - because they didn't want salt water flowing into Puget Sound...which is full of salt water. That decision ended up costing the Seattle mayor his job. I guess the new guy doesn't want to have the same experience.

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