HolyCoast: Some Thoughts on SOPA and PIPA

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some Thoughts on SOPA and PIPA

Today a number of big internet sites have gone dark to protest SOPA and PIPA, two bills that purport to stop internet piracy but in actuality give way too much power to big media companies to stifle competition.  It's sort of like trying to kill a gnat with a baseball bat - there will be lots of unnecessary wreckage along the way.  These bills would give media companies the power to take down any site they decided was using copywrited material - even if it was just a link to another site.  SOPA and PIPA will stifle freedom of expression and must be stopped.

My friend Tony Guerrero, a music producer and jazz artist has a good idea:
A better way to protest the SOPA Bill: Let's face it, wrong is wrong, stealing is stealing. Creators deserve to be paid for their creations. But we seem to have a bill that is well-intentioned yet badly written. Sure, you don't want to support the "fat cats", and frankly, major record labels have historically screwed the artists. So, protest SOPA this way: For all of you who love downloading free stuff and are protesting the SOPA Bill, go right now and find an independent artist (no major label) and BUY their CD online right now! Support the artists who create what you love without supporting the "fat cats" you hate. Put your money where your ears are. Let us know what you did....
May I suggest a copy of the independently produced 20th Anniversary Collection CD from The Crimson River Quartet, available in the CRQ Digital Store?
You'll be glad you did.  And if you like jazz, Tony's got some great stuff too.

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