HolyCoast: WI Gov. Scott Walker Faces Recall...and He'll Win

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WI Gov. Scott Walker Faces Recall...and He'll Win

This will end up being a massive waste of tax dollars by the petulant, immature government unions that are sponsoring the recall (from Morning Jolt):
Oh, here we go again. It makes you yearn for Wisconsin Democrats to move on. Hey, we could found some national organization to do that. We could call it . . . "MoveOn.org" or something. Lather, rinse, repeat:

Democrats and organizers filed petitions Tuesday afternoon with more than a million signatures as they sought to force a recall election against Gov. Scott Walker -- a massive number that seems to cement a historic recall election against him for later this year. It would mark the first such gubernatorial recall in state history and would be only the third gubernatorial recall election in U.S. history.

Brian Sikma at Big Government offers a detail you won't be seeing in many places:

The petition process was riddled with fraud and tainted with questionable ethics at several points. Early in the process the Soros-funded One Wisconsin Now encouraged those opposed to Walker to sign recall petitions multiple times. Although not necessarily an illegal act (unless there is the specific intent to commit fraud), signing a petition multiple times does raise questions about how best to properly calculate the true number of signature since, in theory and according to state law, only the first signature will count. Even the Government Accountability Board's announcement that it will use software to help catch duplicates, though a step in the right direction, doesn't promise to catch every or even most of those kinds of errors.

When a Milwaukee man proudly said hesigned recall petitions 80 timesas a way of getting back at Republicans who, he believes, stole the 2000 election in Florida, he proved just how error prone the process can be.

One quibble: Signing a petition 80 times isn't an error. It's fraud.

Legal Insurrection, William Jacobson warns, "This is going to be a massive fight, and one we must win. Links to Walker's website and donate links are on the WI-Recall 2012 page."
A few years ago we threw out a California governor who had proven to be completely incompetent and was driving the state into the abyss (though looking back now those may have been the "good old days"), but the situation in Wisconsin is very different. Gov. Scott Walker has been extremely successful in turning the state's fiscal situation around. They've gone from a $3 billion deficit to a $300 million surplus. Teachers who would have been laid off still have their jobs. School districts facing financial disasters are running in the black again. Walker has created a Wisconsin miracle and I think the voters will reward him for that.

If they don't and they foolishly remove the most effective and competent governor in Wisconsin history, the state will deserve the fiscal disaster that will follow. They'll join their neighbor to the south, Illinois, in circling the drain of insolvency.

However, I don't think that will happen.  I would hope there are enough smart voters in the state who will reject the misleading rhetoric of the unions (see also "lying") and will keep Gov. Walker where he belongs...at least until we can get him to run for president.  He's a good guy, and he's doing the work that every state will need to do if they are to avoid crippling taxes and complete financial collapse.

Oh, and there's an interesting side note to this story - so far no Democrat has stepped forward to challenge Gov. Walker in the recall.  The recall election must also include someone to take Walker's place should he be ousted.  That's how California got the Governator.  The lack of an opponent for Walker tells me that Democrats are not at all confident they can win this thing and so far nobody is willing to be the sacrificial lamb.

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