HolyCoast: Supremes Throw Out Democrats TX Redistricting Map

Friday, January 20, 2012

Supremes Throw Out Democrats TX Redistricting Map

Democrat plans to gain several House seats via Texas redistricting were dealt a blow today by the Supreme Court:
The Supreme Court this morning threw out the interim Texas Congressional map drawn by a lower court, thrusting the Lone Star State redistricting process into turmoil once again.

The high court's decision is a blow to Democrats, who stood to pick up a few House seats in 2012 if the lower court's maps were put into practice.

The high court ordered that even though the map passed by the state Legislature has not been granted preclearance, that does not “require a court to take up the state legislature’s task.”

A federal three-judge panel in San Antonio redrew the Congressional map for 2012 after it was clear that the map passed by state lawmakers last year would head to a lengthy preclearance trial. But Republicans, including Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott, claimed the San Antonio court overstepped its boundaries with their thorough redraw.

The Supreme Court agreed with Abbott and ruled quickly — less than two weeks after oral arguments — that the lower court did not have the right to overhaul the entire Congressional map in its redraw.
Texas is one of nine states that are still being punished for acts of discrimination that ended 50 years ago. This punishment continues because nobody seems to be willing to recognize that the Voting Right Act long ago ceased to be relevant to today's society and should be in large part repealed. The racial grievance lobby will fight that to the death because as long as this law remains in effect they can exercise power over states they really shouldn't have.

I'm hoping the Court will end up tossing the redistricting provisions altogether.

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