HolyCoast: $4.39

Sunday, February 26, 2012


That's today's outrageous gas price in Mission Viejo, CA today, up about $.75 in the past two weeks.  We're pretty close to record territory now.  The last time prices shot up I don't remember seeing prices higher than that around here.  My guess is we'll set the record tomorrow, since gas has gone up 5-10 cents per day.

We pretty much just canceled a trip we were going to make to Northern California next month.  That's about $1,000 that would have gone into the economy for a rental car, gas, food, and hotel, plus any additional shopping we would have done.  You multiply that decision by millions of others around the country who are thinking the same thing and you have the makings for a big economic downturn.

And it's all so unnecessary.  I guess I better get to working on my algae farm.

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