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Thursday, February 09, 2012

And That's How You Lose a Facebook "Friend"

A lot of people who are Facebook "friends" of mine are people I've never even met, but because of some common interest or common friends, somehow we hooked up together on Facebook.  Since I often find material for this blog posted by those people, I'm glad to keep them on board.  Some have actually become friends over time.

Yesterday I saw a posting from a guy I don't know that included an article claiming that thanks to the War on Drugs there are now more blacks in jail than there were in slavery in the 1850's.  This guy, who we'll call "Anthony Gregory", is apparently a Ron Paul drone because Paul has long advocated the repeal of all drug laws.

Well, posting something like this where I can see it is sort of like saying "Sic 'em!" to a dog.  I've found that short and sweet works best, so I posted this comment:  "Easy solution - don't do drugs."

Well, you'd have thought I kicked his dog or something.  The guy posted this comment in reply...briefly:
"Rick Moore, I find your comment incredibly offensive and ignorant. As though the drug war only hurts those that do drugs, as though doing drugs justifies the largest prison population in the world. Horrible."
I say it was posted briefly because within seconds he had not only removed that comment but had flushed the entire post down the memory hole. Not only that, he unfriended me. How will I ever recover?

I wish he'd left it there because my reply would have been simple:  "Unwad your panties, Anthony, you'll get over it.  My work here is done."

Opportunity missed, but I do love living rent-free in these guy's heads.

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John said...

The Chinese have a very simplistic attitude to the drugs war; anyone caught trafficking is simply taken outside and given a high-speed injection - of lead.

Now that must save a fortune in the costs of incarceration!