HolyCoast: CNN's Roland Martin Starts the Apology Tour

Thursday, February 09, 2012

CNN's Roland Martin Starts the Apology Tour

Yesterday I had a post on CNN's political reporter Roland Martin who committed by unpardonable sin by posting a tweet that could be construed as anti-gay.  I made this prediction:
Martin will be forced to make an apology and perhaps undergo some sensitivity training, and then he'll be back lashing out a conservatives just like the good old days.
And so it begins:
Roland Martin is going to meet with GLAAD over his David Beckham tweets:

Today (February 9, 2012), Martin has announced that he has responded to an invitation from GLAAD and said that he looks “forward to meeting with GLAAD in the near future and having a productive dialogue.” Despite his highly prolific use of the social networking site (he has posted over 64,000 Tweets since joining), he has made no direct reference to his suspension. GLAAD responded to his message, via Twitter saying that they, too, are looking forward to the meeting.
So, if Roland behaves himself at the GLAAD offices, GLAAD will call up CNN and get Roland his job back?
What's interesting about all this is the ONLY people that came to Martin's defense were conservatives who were defending his free speech right. Raynard Jackson points out in the Washington Post that black activists who were quick to use Martin to support their causes have gone completely silent.  Liberal activists who have to love the way Martin regularly bashes Obama and supports liberal causes have also gone silent.  Thou shalt not make gay humor.

Martin will be back.  Had he been a conservative there would be no successful apology possible, but after he grovels for the gays awhile they'll once again bless him and he'll be returned chastened and a little wiser to CNN's airwaves.

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