HolyCoast: Democrats and Unions Demand That Any Challenger to Scott Walker Agree to Blow Up the State Budget

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Democrats and Unions Demand That Any Challenger to Scott Walker Agree to Blow Up the State Budget

Anyone that signs this pledge is unworthy to hold public office:
Union leaders are asking Democratic candidates for governor to veto the next state budget if it doesn’t restore collective bargaining for public workers and one leading candidate – Kathleen Falk – has agreed, participants in the private meetings say.

The plan, which could lead to shortages or even layoffs in government if it doesn’t succeed, is a key strategy that union leaders are considering for undoing Gov. Scott Walker’s repeal last year of most collective bargaining for public employees. Falk, the former Dane County executive, has committed to restoring collective bargaining in the next state budget and vetoing the budget if those provisions come out, while at least three other candidates including Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said they wouldn’t commit to any one strategy to accomplish that.

“The governor’s job is to veto budget items that don’t reflect citizens’ values. That’s why a million people signed recall petitions – because Scott Walker’s budgets didn’t reflect citizens’ values,” Falk spokesman Scot Ross said. “All the support she’ll receive is because she the best candidate to take on Gov. Walker’s divisive, extreme, national tea party agenda and bring Wisconsin back together.”
The last thing Falk will do is "bring Wisconsin back together". When she vetoes the budget (and the GOP legislature will never agree to restore collective bargaining in the next budget), you'll see a financial crisis in Wisconsin like never before. All those teachers whose jobs were saved by Walker will be gone. All those school districts and cities now running in the black because of Walker will find themselves facing massive and crippling deficits.

If Wisconsin recalls Gov. Walker they will have made the biggest mistake in state history and will deserve the disaster that will befall them.

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Larry said...

“She's the best candidate to...bring Wisconsin back together.”

The private-sector / public-sector marraige has turned into an abusive relationship. Bringing them back together is like the authorities bringing Josh Powell and his kids back together.