HolyCoast: Mitt's Collapse Among Independents Can't Be Blamed On Conservatives

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mitt's Collapse Among Independents Can't Be Blamed On Conservatives

The GOP establishment is trying to claim that conservatives are screwing up the election this year by not getting in line behind Romney.  However, the act we have a genuine primary race does not explain why Romney's numbers among independent voters have plummeted.  Ben Domenech explains:
It is ludicrous to claim that the fault lies among conservatives for Romney's precipitous drop among independents, which he’s endured over the past month (in some polls, it's been a negative swing of 20 points), the primary reason he now lags Obama in most measures. Consider: since Romney ground Newt Gingrich into pulp in Florida with his 65-1 ad ratio three weeks ago, there has been not one debate, not one major piece of scandal or breaking news, not even one major round of negative ads against Romney. There has only been a series of gaffes on Romney's part (most notably his line about not caring about the very poor) and a series of numbers which show mild economic improvement.

In reality, it’s those who demanded conservatives get in line ages in advance who made a fundamental mistake in how they approached this election. By demanding an ideological shift from a more populist, more fiscally conservative base they no longer direct or control, Romney’s most prominent backers failed to learn any of the right lessons from what led to the 2009-2010 cycles. They failed to realize that the base expected more from a candidate, from a leader, than the politics and policy of the past. This problem worsened when their candidate put forward a meandering, maintenance-based agenda which inspires no one, not even his backers.
Read the whole thing. There's a lot more and it all make sense as to why Romney is not the electable candidate the GOP promised.

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