HolyCoast: Jeremy Lin Creating an Idiom Problem For Sportswriters and Broadcasters

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jeremy Lin Creating an Idiom Problem For Sportswriters and Broadcasters

Or perhaps it's just an idiot problem:
ESPN has fired the employee responsible for writing an offensive headline about basketball sensation Jeremy Lin and suspended an anchor who used the same ethnic slur, the sports network said Sunday.

The headline read "Chink in the Armor," referencing the New York Knicks' 89- 85 loss Friday night to the New Orleans Hornets that ended the team's season-high winning streak.

The phrase has two meanings; one is an ethnic slur.

Lin came off the bench to guide the Knicks to win after improbable win. The unlikely star of Taiwanese descent quickly turned into a global brand and "Linsanity" became the phrase of the times.

The ESPN headline Saturday morning was up for 35 minutes before being removed. But the damage was done.

The network apologized Saturday and said it was "engaged in a thorough review."

It also apologized for a question ESPN anchor Max Bretos asked Wednesday night: "If there is a chink in the armor, where can Lin improve his game?"

The network said Sunday that a third reference was made on ESPN Radio New York on Friday.
I'm sure the writer thought he was being pretty clever, but nowadays clever will get you fired.

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Bob Hughes said...

Last night's opening SNL skit was very funny - the black newscasters were using every asian ethnic stereotype available, but the one white sportscaster was fired for pointing out a couple of black stereotypes: http://www.hulu.com/watch/331272/saturday-night-live-cold-opening-linsanity-postgame