HolyCoast: Romney Losing Badly...in Michigan

Monday, February 13, 2012

Romney Losing Badly...in Michigan

Mitt Romney's dad was governor of Michigan.  It's Romney's home state (yes, he was governor of Massachusetts, but he grew up in Michigan).  Ed Morrissey has this:
ARG poll in MI puts Santorum up by 6; PPP puts Santorum up by 15 is.gd/g52lhR Panic time for Romney?
So, how will Romney respond? Scorched earth. He'll savage Rick Santorum and basically write the DNC's ads for them.

If he loses Michigan we have a whole new race. He'll still probably go to the convention with the delegate lead, but I have my doubts he'll be able to win enough to cinch the nomination. If we have a brokered convention he probably still wins because the powermakers in the party are going to pull out all the stops for him and the party will leave Tampa shattered and unable to beat Obama in November.

It's not a pretty picture right now.

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