HolyCoast: Obama Wants to Borrow $800 Million From China to Give to Egypt

Monday, February 13, 2012

Obama Wants to Borrow $800 Million From China to Give to Egypt

Looks like the Muslim Brotherhood is getting a big wet kiss from Obama:
The White House announced plans on Monday to help "Arab Spring" countries swept by revolutions with more than $800 million in economic aid, while maintaining U.S. military aid to Egypt.

In his annual budget message to Congress, President Barack Obama asked that military aid to Egypt be kept at the level of recent years -- $1.3 billion -- despite a crisis triggered by an Egyptian probe targeting American democracy activists.
Of course, we don't have that money. We'll have to borrow it from China. Maybe we should just ask them to give the money to Egypt instead.

The Arab Spring hasn't worked out too well at all.  We've replaced leaders who were friendly to the U.S. (and in Egypt's case Israel) with military governments barely held in place by radical muslims.  This isn't exactly the fall of the Iron Curtain.  If anything, we've made things worse...and we're being asked to pay more for it because it will take the tax dollars of you, your children, and their children to pay back the money we'll have to borrow.

Dumb.  Really, really dumb.

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