HolyCoast: Susan G. Komen For the Cure Cuts Off Funding to Planned Parenthood

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Susan G. Komen For the Cure Cuts Off Funding to Planned Parenthood

I've expressed my dislike with how the whole "think pink" breast cancer thing has become completely overblown every October at the expense of other equally devastating diseases, but I have to give the Susan G. Komen For the Cure credit where due - they've cut off funding to Planned Parenthood:
Breast cancer charity giant Susan G. Komen for the Cure on Tuesday did not renew a grant to Planned Parenthood to fund breast exams. The move comes less than a year after Komen hired a new vice president, who has publicly stated her opposition to abortion, a service provided at some Planned Parenthood facilities.

Komen's new vice president, Karen Handel, had run for governor of Georgia in 2010 on an aggressively anti-abortion and anti-Planned Parenthood platform and was endorsed by Sarah Palin because of her opposition to reproductive choice. Handel wrote in her campaign blog that she "do[es] not support the mission of Planned Parenthood."

"During my time as Chairman of Fulton County, there were federal and state pass-through grants that were awarded to Planned Parenthood for breast and cervical cancer screening, as well as a 'Healthy Babies Initiative,'" Handel wrote. "Since grants like these are from the state I'll eliminate them as your next Governor." She also wrote that she opposes stem cell research and supports crisis pregnancy centers, which are unregulated, Christian-run operations whose main mission is to convince pregnant women not to have abortions.

After Handel lost the gubernatorial primary, Susan G. Komen for the Cure named her to be its senior vice president in April 2011.

Over the past five years, the Komen organization has given Planned Parenthood health centers the funds to provide nearly 170,000 clinical breast exams to low-income and uninsured women. But now, amid pressure from anti-abortion lawmakers and organizations, Komen has made the decision to cut off hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to Planned Parenthood.
I've read on another site that the official reason for the cut-off is a new policy the organization has that says it will not make grants to organizations that are under congressional investigation. An investigations of Planned Parenthood was started in the House a number of months ago.

Another report says this cut-off of funding is permanent.  That pretty much negates any complaints or political pressure from the left.

Whatever the reason, it's the right call.

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Nightingale said...

I read that Komen donations were to be used for cancer screenings for low-income women, not for abortions; but that Planned Parenthood did not honor that agreement.