HolyCoast: Aggressive Parents Cause Cancellation of Town's Easter Egg Hunt

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Aggressive Parents Cause Cancellation of Town's Easter Egg Hunt

This is kind of pitiful:
A free annual Easter egg hunt held in Old Colorado City was canceled because “aggressive” parents were grabbing too many eggs for their children.

Thousands of candy-filled plastic eggs are scattered across Bancroft Park every year for children to find and collect, KXRM reported.

But organizers said some parents were too aggressive and took too many of the eggs, leaving some children empty-handed.

Dave Van Ness, executive director of Old Colorado City Associates, which organizes the event, said, “It’s sort of got out of hand. There were disgruntled people because there either weren’t enough eggs to go around or some kids didn’t get one. Parents would get aggressive.”

He added that some parents were taking the fun out of the community event and that rather than create ill will, the organizers chose to cancel it.

Father-of-six Chris Greene told KXRM, “What kind of role model are you as a parent if your actions are canceling an event your child is going to remember for the rest of your life?”
These are the same parents that stand on the sidelines of kid's soccer games and scream at the refs and opposing players.

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