HolyCoast: Gutless Advertisers Who Abandoned Rush Limbaugh Don't Deserve our Support

Monday, March 05, 2012

Gutless Advertisers Who Abandoned Rush Limbaugh Don't Deserve our Support

As a general rule I don't do boycotts, but when companies allow themselves to be intimidated by leftist scare tactics the they are no longer worthy of my dollars and I'm not afraid to pass that recommendation on to others.  These former sponsors of the Rush Limbaugh Show caved to leftist pressure and are not worthy of your support.
The last one is particularly interesting because when people did a little bit of research they found that Carbonite still sponsors Ed Schultz, the detestable MSNBC host who has used "slut" and worse against conservative women.  And, the head of Carbonite has donated to just about every lefty candidate and cause you can name.  The company is also headed into the tank (their stock price has been in a free fall and their earnings outlook is grim).  You can find out more about all that here.  Do you really want to trust your private data to a guy who backed MoveOn.org?

Because leftists have had some moderate success against lesser hosts they're feeling empowered right now.  Big mistake.  There are at least 20 million reasons why this latest effort against Rush will be unsuccessful - his listeners.  That's a huge market that companies want to reach, and for every sponsor that bails on Rush I have to believe there will be two or there more ready to buy those spots.  I'm certain that when his show kicks off at 9:00am PST this morning there won't be any holes in the ad schedule.

And let's not forget the Clear Channel, which syndicates Rush's show, backed him to the hilt during the famous "Phony Soldiers" incident in 2007 when Harry Reid tried to slander him.  An since Rush is a principle owner of the EIB Network, he's not going to fire himself.  The left really can't do that much damage.

I'll be tuning in, as will millions of others.  Regardless of what you think of Rush, we can't let voices be silenced by the Fascist tactics of the left.

UPDATE:  I understand that AOL has now pulled their advertising.  I've been an AOL user since 1995, but I'm not going to quit because I'm using it for free.  It's costing them money to keep me a customer, and that's fine with me.


Laura said...

I've used ProFlowers in the last year and also recommended the company to someone I know for sure used them, because of their advertising on Rush.

No more.

Best wishes,

Underdog said...

To be honest, I've never spent money with any of these turncoat advertisers. 'Tis the advantage of living the simple life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting all these companies on a list for ME!I have used several of these outfits in the past, I just wanted to know who to avoid.
Boise, Id

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing a list of these former sponsors. I couldn't find the list anywhere in the mainstream media.

Now that I know who had the gumption to withdraw sponsorship, I will gladly pursue doing business with them.


Rick Moore said...

Better hurry, Tom, because a couple of these companies won't be around much longer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this list. Now I know which companies to avoid. BTW, I am 34 years old- warning to the left- people my age are just old enough to recall a more free America...and I am raising children, and educating my peers, and making others aware of history, and as average joe citizen- making a difference by shooting down leftist lies when I see coworkers and family members falling prey. And I do it all so tactfully that they still love me. Your stalinist dreams will never be realized because at some point we will no longer recognize your government and take it back by any means necessary. "Out of my cold dead hands!" -Mainstream Citizen from Mainstream America